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Timber Sash Windows and Doors from a Trusted, Family-Run Company

Welcome to William Richards Sash Windows, where our enduring commitment to custom craftsmanship and precise attention to detail intersects with the refined sophistication of Kensington. Situated amidst its illustrious streets lined with historic landmarks and luxurious residences, Kensington’s exclusive architectural style demands unparalleled precision and elegance.

At William Richards, we provide precisely that, offering bespoke timber window and door solutions that elevate and safeguard your properties’ architectural heritage, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with contemporary functionality and efficiency.

Truly Bespoke Timber Windows & Doors.

The requirement for tailor-made timber windows and doors is considerable in Kensington, a locale famed for its grand Victorian and Edwardian townhouses. At William Richards Sash Windows, we recognise that every building in Kensington necessitates a distinct approach. Our services are intricately customised to respect the architectural integrity of each residence, whether it’s enhancing the historical charm of an ancestral home or incorporating a refined touch to a modern apartment.

Our skilled craftsmen, armed with extensive experience and state-of-the-art joinery techniques, create each window and door with rigorous precision. From emulating elaborate traditional designs for a Kensington Palace to assembling streamlined, modern structures for a boutique hotel, we ensure that every installation improves the visual appeal of your property and its market value.

High Quality, Sustainable Timber coupled with traditional techniques

At William Richards Sash Windows, our commitment to sustainability is critical, particularly in Kensington, where preserving the environment is highly valued among residents. We exclusively use the finest, ecologically sourced timber, ensuring that each window and door meets our stringent criteria for strength and aesthetic appeal while also supporting our pledge to environmental care.

This approach ensures our products withstand Kensington’s diverse weather conditions and enhance the urban environment. Our carefully chosen timber helps maintain the elegance and functionality of Kensington’s properties for generations to come.

The Latest in Glazing Technology

We offer an array of glazing solutions for all of our new timber windows and doors, tailored to suit your requirements and budgets. From tight sightline insulated glass units for our heritage projects to vacuum-sealed glass for ultra-efficient windows and doors, we can tailor our specifications to suit your property and regulation requirements.

Complete Installation Service

In Kensington, where historical grandeur and contemporary design converge, the precision of installing timber windows and doors is vital. At William Richards Sash Windows, our installation services are acclaimed for their meticulous attention to detail, meeting the high expectations prevalent in this prestigious area.

Our local team of installation experts oversees every phase of the installation process, from the preliminary consultation to the final enhancements, ensuring an impeccable fit into your property without disturbing its aesthetic or structural integrity.

William Richards Professional – Domestic & Commercial Supply Only

William Richards Sash Windows also offers a flexible “Supply Only” option to customers in Kensington. This service suits those who prefer to employ their own installation teams but require the finest quality timber windows and doors.

Every product is delivered installation-ready, accompanied by comprehensive guidance to ensure proper setup. This option ensures that, even without our direct installation services, the high standards of craftsmanship and quality that define William Richards are upheld.

Technical Guidance and Regulations

At William Richards Sash Windows, we guarantee that all installations in Kensington adhere to the latest building and safety regulations. Our technical surveyors are continuously updated with the newest standards to ensure that our timber windows and doors not only meet but exceed the required specifications.

Retain and Upgrade Your Existing Sash Windows

As well as producing new timber windows and doors in Kensington, William Richards Sash Windows also offers flexible service solutions to draught-seal, repair and overhaul your existing sash windows. Our passion and knowledge for the craft allow us to carefully utilise innovative hardware and modern techniques to overhaul and repair all aspects of deteriorated sash windows.

What does a Sash Window Draught-seal & Overhaul Include?

In a nut shell; we repair all rotten or damaged timber and replace scratched and broken glass. The original counterweights are rebalanced and new pulley wheels installed, we re-fit the sashes to the frame attaching new, pre-stretched nylon woven cord. We then install all new staff, head and parting beads with our innovative draught-sealing system. All new catches, lifters and restrictors are fitted leaving a sash window that is air tight, glides open and is secure.

Upgrade Your Sashes

Properties that lie within restrictive planning conditions or have owners who want to cost effectively and sympathetically upgrade the sash windows in their home; often have the opportunity to retain the existing box frame of their sash window and install our new Heritage Double or Vacuum glazed sashes. Our slim profiles, glazing system and draught proofing installation ensures that your new sashes don’t only look original but perform as modern windows should, whilst minimising damage to interior decoration and retaining the historical character of the existing frame.

Secondary Glazing

Hassle free, secure, efficient and cost effective. Our secondary glazing is a great solution to swiftly warming up your home without intrusive work being carried. Secondary glazing is a great option for owners of listed properties or homes in strict planning areas who feel that they can not be granted permission to replace their windows or simply, do not want to lose the historical fabric of their property.

Commercial Projects

William Richards Sash Windows works closely with developers, contractors and maintenance companies both large and small to tackle sash window maintenance projects of any size. Each project comes with it’s own unique challenges and that’s why our team of surveyors, project managers and installers work hard to suit your project deadline, budget and bespoke requirements.

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