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Using our specialist software and dedicated technical department we ensure our customers are provided with a detailed view of the new timber windows & doors they have ordered. This includes a full drawing schedule and specification for each item as well as up to date advice on UK building regulations and requirements.

What To Expect?

– Once you have placed your order with us, our technical will team swiftly organise a technical survey with you.

– At the technical survey we record our final measurements and assess any logistical notes for installation.

– After the survey we will finalise details such as paint finishes, hardware style and joinery design.

– We then email you itemised drawings & specification for you to either request amendments or sign off for manufacture.

– If your order is is supply only, and you already have technical specification and drawings to hand, we will organise an online consultation to confirm everything.

Easy to read drawings to confirm exactly what we are producing.
Limitless assistance with technical guidance
Flexible design process to make sure we design your perfect window or door
Bespoke solutions tailored to suit your requirements

Perfecting Your New Timber Joinery

Our passionate team work closely with our clients, listening to and advising on their requirements both visually and practically.  Our attention to detail and knowledge of the industry results in timber windows and doors that are truly perfect for the client’s style and practical application.

Use Us For Your Inspiration

We have designed thousands of windows and doors over the years so if you’re not quite sure what you want, we are always at hand to guide you in the right direction. We can assist you in creating windows and doors that perfectly suit you home and pay tribute to its wonderful heritage or modern aesthetic.

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To Help With Your Timber Windows & Doors
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