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Draught Seal – Overhaul – Repair

Sash windows are a fine example of simplicity and elegance, however, like all things; time, neglect, and weather take their toll. Our passion and knowledge for the craft allow us to carefully utilise innovative hardware and modern techniques to overhaul and repair all aspects of deteriorated sash windows, ensuring a modernised practicality with an original aesthetic. Let our time experienced craftsmen give your sash windows a new lease of life.

A Brief Breakdown of The Method

Draught Sealing

The most common complaint we receive for a neglected sash window is the considerable draught and rattle. We tackle this by installing a traditional staff-and-parting bead with a hidden brush pile that faces the sashes, as well as the same brush pile along the transoms where the two sashes meet. This consistent contact between the pile and the sashes guarantee that the window will have no draught or rattle, as well as offering a premium feel when operating the sashes.

Practical, Quality Hardware

More often than not, a neglected sash window has its hardware and furniture painted over, which especially affects the pulley’s functionality. We work closely with our suppliers to offer new, innovative hardware and furniture in a range of styles and finishes, all with a 20-year guarantee. Your cord is replaced as standard with a cleanable, woven stretched nylon cord that is sympathetic to the original style. Integrity tested before dispatch – we ensure our new cord offers durability year after year and promotes smooth running.

Sill and Rot Repair

The sill is the most important component of any window. Without the correct weather seal, or proper maintenance, the sill will become damp, start to rot and, in serious cases, compromise the integrity of the frame. Our technical surveyors thoroughly inspect your sills as well as the window jambs and stiles. Commonly, we strip back the affected areas to the dry, sound timber, and treat it with our specialist resin, which halts any potential threat of rot resurfacing. Finally, we then splice in new hardwood and seal all cracks and joints to ensure that your window is back to a stable, weather-proof condition for the foreseeable future. In serious cases, we will install entirely new sills and lower box components.

Scratched and Broken Glass

The windows in your home are decades old, so it’s not surprising to find a few cracks or scratches here and there. Our expert installation team can carefully remove any broken or scratched glass of all shapes and sizes. Then, we will gently rake out the original bedding of putty the glass lay on. Once the rebate is clean, we seal the timber, re-lay a bed of linseed oil based putty and re-glaze your new pane of glass. As we remove sash windows internally, we do not need to worry about exterior access to change any panes of glass.

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