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Why Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is generally used where new timber windows are not a viable option because of planning & budget constraints, or you simply have the desire to retain the historical fabric in your home or business. Secondary glazing is a remarkable solution that enhances the thermal, acoustic and security performance of your windows without altering any historical fabric – all within a budget friendly cost. We are proud to have partnered with Granada to be able to supply & install a market leading quality of secondary glazing.

Secondary Glazing Features
Provides major increases in thermal & acoustic performance
Preserves all characteristics and charm
Cost effective with very low disruption
Flexible designs and specifications to fit all shapes and sizes
Our Flexible
Secondary Glazing Ranges

From hinged units to horizontally & vertically sliding frames. Our versatile secondary glazing solutions ensure that we are able to upgrade a variety of different windows.

Our horizontally sliding and hinged ranges work perfectly over casement windows whereas our vertically sliding, spring balanced ranges combines perfectly with sash windows.

Increased Performance, Preserving History.

Perfect for listed buildings or commercial premises. Our secondary glazing will seal and secure all types of original single glazed windows, increasing performance to rival that of a modern, double glazed window. The gap created between the new secondary glazing and original window acts as an insulator, reducing heat loss by up to 65% and decreasing noise levels by up to 80%!

Enhanced Security.

Being unable to replace historical or single glazing consequently leaves a serious security risk. Our new secondary glazing adds an additional deterrent to potential intruders. The high quality aluminium frame integrated with heavy duty locking systems is incredibly difficult to open from the exterior, offering peace of mind that your home or business is secure.

Versatile Application

Our ability to produce bespoke shapes and styles ensure we can secondary glaze even the most unique windows. This is especially useful in listed and historical buildings where replacing & replicating unique historical fabric, such as stained glass metal or masonry window frames is simply not achievable.

Cost Effective

Thanks to the simple and low disruption installations our secondary glazing is a very cost effective and swift solution to considerably increasing the performance and security of the windows in your home or business.

Want To Explore Our Secondary Glazing Options?

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