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Let Us Help With Your Planning Approval

Replacing the timber windows and doors in properties under a listed status or article 4 directive strictly requires planning approval prior to any works being carried out. This can be a tricky and frustrating process. With years of experience working with planning offices throughout the UK, we have an extensive list of contacts and knowledge to help you through your planning application.

What Do We Do?

When replacing any timber windows and doors in a listed building, your local planning office will want to know a variety of information, such as the justification for your intended replacement windows and that what you are proposing to install will retain the historical value of the building. They will also require documentation such as, heritage statements, block plans and technical section drawings of the proposed windows. We can produce these documents on your behalf and act on any questions the authority may have along the way.

Tailored Glazing Ranges

A consistent factor when replacing window and doors in listed properties is the specification of the proposed new window and doors. William Richards Sash Windows have worked hard to develop a glazing range that is perfectly acceptable in grade 2 listed buildings. Our traditional glazing range utilises either tight-sightline IGU or vacuum sealed laminates that allow us to mimic the existing slim profiles of original joinery whilst boasting effective thermal, acoustic and security attributes.


To offer some immediate advice we have compiled a few websites that will help you learn some more on planning permissions or if you prefer, please get in touch with our team.


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