Hands on craftsmanship coupled with excellent project management

No matter the size, when it comes to commercial projects, it is essential to choose reliable
suppliers to work with. At William Richards we utilise skilled craftsmanship and a deep understanding of project management to ensure from the intial enquiry, your project runs smoothly and on budget, all the way to completion.

The Enquiry and Order Process

- After you initial contact with us your surveyor will be in touch to discuss your project, timescales and budget and will organise a full survey at your convenience.

- Your surveyor will carefully assess each and every window that requires our attention and discuss your required specification for the project.

- Within 4 working days, whether it be restoration, replacement or both, an accurate & competitive window by window quotation will be supplied that correspond with your references alongside any technical drawings required.

- Your surveyor will be in touch after a few days to ensure we have provided a satisfactory quotation with everything you need - then the decision is in your hands.

- If you make the decision to proceed with us, we will swiftly finalise all the details of your project, draw up our schedule of works and get manufacturing any new joinery required.

- On the day our project commences your skilled site team will be with you by 8:30am ready to begin your installations and renovations.

Surveying and Specification

Like sash windows, we understand every project is unique. That is why our surveys are conducted meticulously and methodically ensuring each tendered window is properly inspected creating a window condition report as we go along. We thoroughly discuss with you and any relevant third parties such as architects, planning officers and surveyors the required specification of your windows and offer our advise to ensure you reach your goal in the most cost effective and time efficient way whilst retaining strict building regulations and first rate quality. Our thorough enquiry process allow us to provide a competitive tailored quotation that suits your unique project, timescale and budget.

Technical Drawings and permissions

We have the resources to produce CAD software technical drawings of any new proposed windows or repairs. Not only does this give a concrete picture of the proposed product you are receiving but coupled with our wealth of experience in the sector we can aid you with your listed building consent and provide statements for any applications you make regarding work on your windows.

Timescales and Planning

We understand whether it be small domestic
work or large commercial projects that timescale is key. This is exactly why each and every project we undertake is meticulously planned to ensure we hit our clients unique time frames and stages without fault. We work closely alongside our clients taking all third party contractors, work, access issues and all other variables into careful consideration to draw up a detailed, efficient schedule of works that illustrates each step of our plan. This disciplined approach to planning allows us to hit our clients targets whilst retaining our first class workmanship and adhering to strict building and energy regulations.

Dedicated Support

We know that projects have unforeseen issues and delays. That is why we offer a dedicated project manager. In the period running up to and during the project your dedicated contact will keep you updated on our progress, be a source of advice and ultimately ensure we deliver an excellent service that is on time and budget. Once the project is finished you will be your manager will present you with all certification and guarantees required and confirm you are satisfied with our work.

Health and Safety

The safety of our clients and team are always top priority. Working with our trusted Health and Safety accreditators, we assess each project and supply all the necessary RAMS and method statements required.

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