Why Choose Wooden Sash Windows over UPVC

Find out why timber sash windows are the right choice for your home.

Unlike UPVC, timber is a natural material which has
evolved to withstand the test of time. Wooden sash windows last at least five
times as long as there UPVC counterparts and with the correct maintenance have no
life span limit at all, our restoration teams have restored timber sash windows
up to around 110 years old! The durability traits of wooden sash windows make
them far more cost effective in the long run. Examples of research have shown
that when considering the ‘whole life’ cost of windows, timber frames are shown
to be up to 25% less expensive than plastic windows. Because of the density of hardwood timber frames 

they alone work as a natural insulator and can have an energy rating as high as an A, 

paired with modern glazing and draught excluders, timber sash windows are fantastic when it comes to thermal efficiency.

Because of the flexibility of timber manufacturing we are
able to work with you to find a design to perfectly fit the style of your home
as well as being able to exactly replicate the windows already in your home, all
whilst taking advantage of modern glazing, finishes and hardware. A UPVC window,
however, only has a limited amount of bulky designs which may not fit your desired style 

and are not able to have alterations to hardware and finish if
desired in the future or be repaired in cases of damage.

Wooden windows have been named by Greenpeace and WWF as the
most environmentally friendly material for your windows and are heavily
endorsed by both organisations, if they are sustainably sourced, which all our
timber is. According to WWF, the wooden window system generates 43% less waste than
the PVC window system. 

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