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Double Glazed Sash Windows

Discover more about double glazed sash windows and the benefits that come with them.

People today are choosing more and more to opt for double glazed
sash windows as they combine the traditional beauty and charm of sash windows
with the energy efficiency and security desired in a modern home.

Double glazed sash windows work by combining two layers of
glass which are separated by a tight air pocket. The first piece of glass in
these double-glazed sash windows serves the same purpose as the glass in a
normal, single glazed window. However, when you combine this with a second pane
of glass, this provides twice the noise barrier. There is a gas in the air
pocket between the two pieces of glass called argon which is a poor heat
conductor, this is because the trapped air has no room to circulate in order to
conduct and transfer heat. The inside glass layer has a low-E coating which reflects heat
back into the room. All these features in double-glazing work together to
ensure that the warm air from your house is kept in, making them more cost-effective
and energy efficient than single glazing. Thus, adding value to your property.

As well as the energy efficiency gained by double-glazing, the
second layer of glass added to make a double glazed unit combined with modern

toughened glass makes smashing through a double glazed sash window very difficult. This significantly increases safety and security in your home.

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