About William Richards of Shropshire


Family run for over 30 years

With over 10 years’ experience specialising in the restoration and manufacture of traditional timber sash windows, coupled with an eclectic background in cabinet making and joinery, our team at William Richards have the hard earned skills and knowledge necessary to guarantee a premium service for each and every one of our customers.

Drawing from our background and experience in joinery is what sets us apart. Our extensive knowledge of the materials and techniques used to build sash windows from their respective time periods ensures that we take the appropriate measures in restoring and preserving your windows for years to come.

Whilst tradition is important, innovation is what keeps us looking forward. We are constantly updating our knowledge and skills to ensure our new timber sash windows, as well as our restorations, are as energy efficient and as ergonomic as possible. We prioritise using only sustainable materials and practices.

As a family run business we pride ourselves on two things: delivering a quality service and maintaining a reliable reputation. Every job is different and we always aim to develop an honest and open relationship with each and every one of our customers; we believe communication is the key to getting the job done right every time.

The WR team